Our lives are so busy at times made up of needs and desires, confusion and often


Our lives are so busy at times made up of needs and desires, confusion and often broken hopes and dreams.


Many people feel they have lost their way and think that life is too hard for them.  Psychics, Mediums, Clairvoyants among others can help people find their way, their direction which will help them regain their reason for living, confidence, heal relationships and deal with the emotional limitations that are holding them back.

It is important to be able to understand what is really going on around us and it is usually at this time when things are the most clouded at this time that it is helpful to have someone to talk to.

I offer guidance and support to you, helping you get through some of life’s struggles.

Providing you with an insight, guidance and support in your life is one of my aims.

Connecting with the Spirit World asking for guidance and help during situations can be very enlightening and helpful.

Being able to communicate with family members or loved ones that have passed over can be very reassuring, and can also help bring people peace of mind.

If you find you are not able to see me personally, Phone Readings are now available.

Why pay more per minute when you do not have to.  My Phone Readings start from $23 for 10 minutes; $45 for 20 minutes, or $70 for 30 minutes.

How Do I Get a Phone Reading?
You can phone, email or txt me to make a time.

How Much Does This Cost?

$70.00    up to 30 minutes

 $23.00    2 Questions  up to 10 minutes

How Do I Pay?

You can make a payment into my Bank  Account



Reff  Phone Reading

Email or Phone me so that when the deposit shows up the reading will be confirmed, and then your reading can go ahead.


Skype Readings

Half Hour Session  $70         Skype Me™!


What Do I Need to Do?

It is really important for you to have clearly in your mind what you would like to know, or are seeking. Have a pen and paper so you can take notes


~ Phone Readings $23  up to 10 minutes ~


Email or phone me for your time.


Book in now for your Reading!



Personal Empowerment Sessions 

         Bringing your Confidence back where it belongs

                    What are you not seeing ?

               What have you closed your eyes too?


               What is blocking your next step?


             Why is it so hard for you to move on?


 One to One Phone or Skype Sessions to help answer these questions is available now.


$50 for a 30 min Personal Empowerment Session and start to make a positive in your life.

                           Contact me to book in your time.



Our lives are so busy at times made up of needs and desires, confusion and often