I am available for one on one Private Readings

*   Clairvoyance
*   Past lives
*   Healing
*   Aura Readings
*   Personal Empowerment 

I will be travelling around so keep an eye on my events page or email me to find out when I will be in a town near you.


Special Phone Readings - $23 for up to 10 minutes

 Email or Phone me for your time.


Skype Readings 

 Half Hour Session  $70


You can make a payment into my Bank  Account



Reff  Phone Reading

Email or Phone me so that when the deposit shows up the reading will be confirmed, and then your reading can go ahead.

Frequently Asked Questions:




How Do I Get A Private Reading?


You can phone or email me to arrange for a time for your reading time. 


How Much Does This Cost? 



$90.00 per session


What do I Need To Do?


Have clearly in your mind what you are wanting answers on


How do I get an Email



Email me and I will email you back


How Much Does This Cost?


Two Questions   $45.00

Full Reading       $90.00



Can I send questions by Post?


Yes.  Post me your question and I will contact you - Same pricing as above.


How Do I Get A Photo


Email or Post me the Photo to be read.
Make sure you send your contact details with your Photo.



How Much Does a Photo Reading Cost?


Each Photo reading can be different, so email for pricing.



 Counselling Sessions

Weekly sessions

(10 sessions)

$70.00 per session


Work and Income Support Disability Allowance:

$60.00 per session


Student Allowance

$60.00 per session




All Enquiries Welcome


Book now for your Session

 FEBRUARY & March 






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